Universal Sun Tracker

Q: How is Universal Sun Tracker constructed?

A: For tower we use light weight and very robust hot Zn metal construction. The arms for PV modules are made from Anodized Aluminum. It is designed for severe weather conditions and it can run in high wind areas.

Q: What version of Universal Sun Tracker do you offer?

A: We offer 4 different versions of Universal Sun Tracker. The difference is in size and the area covered by modules for 27, 37, 38 or 48m2.

Q: Why is your Sun Tracker Universal?

A: Basically our tracker is developed for PV modules. Because of very high rigidity and wind stability it can be used for CPV ( Concentrated Photovoltaic with parabolic mirror or with FRESNEL lenses), where accuracy of +- 0.15 degree is needed. You can also use it for flat collector or vacuum tube collector.

Q: Where can Universal Sun Tracker be installed?

A: Universal Sun Tracker can be installed on land. It is designed to work at wind speeds up to 150 km/h.

Q: What does complete Sun Tracker include?

A: Complete Sun Tracker includes metal tower construction, PV modules holder and electric box with all necessary components and sensors for dual axis tracking tower with axis for PV modules. On order you must specify screw position for PV modules.

Q: Are electronic components protected?

A: Yes, all low voltage cable for sensors and limit switcher are over voltage protected.

Q: How is Universal Sun Tracker supplied?

A: Universal Sun Tracker is supplied in wooden box. In larger quantities same elements are shipped in same wooden box. In small quantity one wooden box is for one tracker. Wooden box dimensions are 6 x 1.2 x 1m.

All Season Solar Collector (ASSC)

Q: Why was All Season Solar Collector developed?

A: All Season Solar Collector was developed to convert, in all seasons, as much as possible sun energy to the heat energy.

Q: Why is All Season Solar Collector efficient solar collector?

A: ASSC is efficient because of very high stagnation temperature (over 400 Degree Celsius)in high temperature absorber .The efficiency at 90 degree Celsius is around 70%. The efficiency drops only 7% if outside temperature is - 20 degree Celsius.

Q: How long does it take to heat water in winter?

A: Because of low air temperature we do not lose more that 7% efficiency so it takes only 6 hours to heat 300 liters of water from 20 to 70 degree celsius if the ASSC is exposed to direct sun light.

Q: Why does this collector have vacuum tube absorber between parabola center and focus?

A: This tube absorbs diffuse rays from left and right side and also mirrored diffused rays from all parabola area.

Q:What is behind of this efficiency?

A: The base reason for this efficiency in a small high temperature ABSORBER area and sun tracking system which care that PARABOLIC MIRROR follows direct sun energy all the time.

Q: Does ASSC have overheating protection?

A: Yes. You can set maximum temperature in digital temperature regulator in electric box. As soon as the heat transfer liquid will reach temperature set on regulator, the parabolic mirror will change the elevation for 10 degree. The result is that all concentrated solar energy miss high temperature absorber.

Q: What kind of ASSC do you sell?

A:We sell:
ASSC - 7 / Parabolic area 7m2
ASSC - 14 / Parabolic area 14m2
ASSC - 28 / Parabolic area 28m2

Q: How can ASSC be used for cooling?

A: Because output temperature range is from 50 degree Celsius to 150 degree Celsius or 250 degree Celsius on ASSC - 14 and ASSC - 28, this system can run different absorption cooling systems.

Q: What can customer do if they need bigger system?

A: They can use more sets (ASSC - 14 or ASSC - 28), to be installed on the land in distance approximately 10m in direction west-east and in distance approximately 6m direction north south.

Q: Could I have few MW power plant?

A: For so big solar plant it is better to use one axis tracking system, where parabolic mirrors are installed in rows on land. Space between each row is 6m.

Q: What is the maximum temperature?

A: Maximum temperature in one axis tracking system can be 250 degree Celsius.

Q: Is the system suitable for cooling process?

A: Yes, system is suitable for cooling process, industrial steam generation and Organic Rankin Cycle running for electricity production.

Q: What is delivery time for ASSC?

A: Delivery time for ASSC is 2 - 3 months.

Q: Is there any guarantee for the product?

A: Yes, we over 2 years guarantee for all parts.

Q: Who can buy the product?

A: Product can be bought by distributors who care for installation and service. If the product is sold to end user they must arrange installation and service themselves. We send spare parts free of charge in 2 years guarantee time.

PArabolic Laminated MIRror - PALMIR

Q: What kind of PALMIR do you produce?

A: We produce 2 kind of PALMIR. First is a PALMIR with Aluminum reflective material and the second in PALMIR with Thin Glass Mirror.

Q: What are the specifications for Aluminum mirror?

A: Aluminum PALMIR is supplied with standard parabola dimensions 2100 x 1165 mm with focal length 750 mm. This parabola can be bought also with our standard parabolic mirror holder and fixing elements. The system can be used for dual axis tracking like in our All Season Solar Collector (ASSC) and also for one axis parabolic Throw power plant.

Aluminum PALMIR has reflectivity of 90 - 91% and accuracy as 97% mirrored sun rays reach 40 mm diameter. PALMIR is made of Aluminum from ALANOD - MIROSAN.

Q: What is the life time of Aluminum PALMIR?

A: Life time is approximately 5-7 years by ALANOD information.

Q: What are the specifications for Thin Glass Mirror?

A: Thin Glass Mirror with standard parabola dimensions 5000 x 1500 mm with focal length 1490 mm. We assemble this parabola for 4 segment. This big mirror need to be installed on proper mirror holders. We currently don't have standard mirror holder for this type of PALMIR, but they can be developed for specific customer need.

The mirror can be also used for existing (SEGS) solar plant. In this case we need to get from customer position fixing screw.

Thin Glass Mirror has reflectivity of 95 - 96% and great accuracy as 99% mirrored sun rays reach 30 mm diameter.

Q: What is lifetime of Thin Glass Mirror?

A: Our test shows that reflectivity in 20 years will not reduce by more than 0,3%.

Solar Linear Actuator

Q: What material is Solar Linear Actuator made of?

A: All outside parts are produced of stainless steel and anodized Aluminum.

Q: What is the operating power of Solar Linear Actuator?

A: Solar Linear Actuator 's permanent DC motor can run on 12, 24 or 48 V.

Q: How does it Limit switch work?

A: Solar Linear Actuator has 2 build in micro limit switches. The switches are simply adjustable in all needed minimum and maximum stroke position.

Q: How fast is Solar Linear Actuator?

A: Solar Linear Actuator's speed is 2 - 5 mm per minute.


One axis parabolic trough




Solar Cooling System

Q: How does Solar Cooling System work?

A: Solar Cooling System works on WATER - AMONIA liquid.

Q: What is the efficiency of Solar Cooling System?

A: The efficiency of Solar Cooling System is 70% at inlet temperature 240 degree Celsius.

Q: What is the minimum inlet temperature?

A: The minimum inlet temperature is 180 degree Celsius.

Q: What is the output cooling power capacity?

A: The product is made in capacity 17 KW output cooling power.

Q: What is the minimum outlet temperature?

A: The minimum outlet temperature can be 7 up to -5 degree Celsius. For bigger cooling power you must use parallel connection which is no problem.

Q: How much energy does Solar Cooling System need for operation?

A: For operation Solar Cooling System uses very little energy only for Pumps and some energy for one ventilator.

Q: Does system need separate water source?

A: No the system does not require cooling tower or separate water source.

Q: How much maintenance does Solar Cooling System need?

A: The Solar Cooling System requires no maintenance.

Q: How can 17 KW cooling be installed?

A: The 17 KW cooling power module can be installed with our All Season Solar Collector ASSC - 28.

Q: Can I install bigger capacity cooler?

A: Yes, we supply one axis tracking system where is no capacity limitation.

Q: Where must the system be installed for the best efficiency?

A: To have the best efficiency ASSC must be installed near cooling unit.

Q: Is there a product with lower working temperature?

A: Yes, the Absorption Cooling with Lithium Bromide has much lower working temperatures but the problem is that this system requires maintenance and water cooling tower.

Q: What is the working temperature of this system?

A: The working temperature of this system is 90 - 150 degree Celsius.